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For those who don’t know, Chinni is one of the hottest Thai ladyboys of all time. This 19-year-old Bangkok babe is beautiful from head to toe. She has an amazingly pretty face, great tits, a sexy slim body, feminine behavior, and a little something extra. In other words, she is one hundred percent pure wife material!

In a past post I wrote about meeting the ladyboy porn star Wine in Bangkok. Chinni described herself as a model. So far I have only seen her pictures on her Instagram profile. But they are definitely model material. Anyone who is being honest has to recognize that she is more beautiful than the majority of “real” women in Thailand and most anywhere else.

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Like many Thai ladyboys, it seems that Chinni may have done adult video. I can’t be sure but there is a model that looks a hell of a lot like her using a couple of different names. The first place I saw her was Hello Ladyboy. Since that site focuses on ladylike, feminine ladyboys who can pass as real women (at least until they whip their cocks out), it would be a perfect fit. I have seen the same model on Frank’s T-Girl World. If it is indeed who I am thinking, she is even better looking out of clothes with a bubble butt and long rock hard cock with a mushroom top!

For those of us who appreciate a good woman with a solid third leg, Chinni is about as good as it gets. She is just great in every way imaginable. And unlike most porn stars who hide themselves off in the hills of Hollywood, she runs a couple of open profiles on social media sites like Insta and Tik Tok. So it’s pretty easy to follow her, check out her constant updates, and send some messages in hopes of getting a little bit of attention.

It’s not like you can just walk into some specific Bangkok ladyboy bar and see Chinni on stage. If only we were so lucky! But it might even be better this way. Because even the millions locked out of Thailand at the moment can still check her out and maybe even get in touch with her. Who knows what that could lead to? Anything is possible!

This isn’t the end all when it comes to Chinni either. It’s just a basic overview of this stunning babe. To tell you the truth, I have actually seen Chinni on the dating site Thai Friendly too. But I am not going to link you to her profile. That’s because I respect her privacy. I only post the public information she already has out there. I am certainly not keeping her Thai Friendly profile private because I want to scoop her up for marriage before one of you perverts can get to her. No, certainly not that at all! Good luck out there men. You’ll probably need it.

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